Posted on April 18, 2022

Dear Reader,

Glimpses of spring arrived early, and the lawnmower has been out a full month ahead of normal – most of the grass has been cut twice in March, probably an all-time record.  The hire-boats were out on the Kennet & Avon greeted by the first leaves of the weeping willow and pale primroses; an early dawn, pale skies and no wind, so far.  And now the tractor and Cambridge ring roller have repaired autumn damage to the campsite by the first days of April.

I do hope you have already managed to visit the website and have found something of interest.  Have you visited Bookshops of the West of England? You can enter their own websites and maybe find a book you have been looking for. The examples of bookshops were chosen to give a spread across the west-country, and I hope over time other bookshops will take up the offer to provide their details free of charge.

The second book, King’s Mercy is making its way through the publishing process and having survived the rigours of proofreading we have now received the first, full proof of the complete interior of the book.  So, this demands a slow and careful read from start to finish.

The new cover follows the theme of the first book but with an added suggestion of a threat hanging over the villagers, including the surviving members of the Johnson family.  The new book, a sequel to White Clyffe, begins with working people in the villages and country towns lying low as a furious and frightened young king hunts the active rebels and the organisers.

But active traders like Charles the clothier who travel widely to buy wool and to market their woven cloth had more to fear, they might easily be suspected of taking an active role in the Peasant’s Revolt.

Gentler members of my own family have mixed feelings about the new cover – I’ll be interested to know your opinion.

My best wishes for a peaceful year,

Yours, Colin Fletcher.


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